A Reading Of Scenes From ‘The Hebrew Hammer VS Hitler’ with Rachel Dratch at the NY Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre – May 15th

I will not be there, but if you’re going to be in NYC, definitely check out this fun event that Daily Show writer Rob Kutner is putting on for Nextbook. Rachel Dratch, in my humble opinion, one of the funniest women alive,  will be reading select scenes from HH2 along with some other very special…

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Some Updates from The WMC

It’s been awhile, sorry! Things have been hectic here at The WMC. So, some updates: I will be at the River Run Film Festival in North Carolina from the 24th of April until the 27th presenting the Midnight Moives and shorts. Then, I will be speaking at the University of Oregon on April 30th. I…

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‘The Hebrew Hammer’ featured in the PBS documentary ‘The Jewish Americans’ tonight…

This has been a truly amazing docu-series on the history of Jews in America, and I am incredibly proud that my film is featured in tonight’s final installment.  JK

"Tom Cruise On Tom Cruise, Jew" – Best Of Today on The Daily Tube and on Slate!

Nice!!! (For The Day). And here’s Slate!

Tom Cruise On Tom Cruise, Jew…

…caught on like KJW! You can now see it not only here, but here, here, here, and…it’s kinda of all over! The interwebs are kind of interesting. I wonder if there’s any money to be made in this whole “new media” thing? JK

Tom Cruise On Tom Cruise, Jew – A New Short Film!!!

I made this yesterday, and was up until 3 with the editor. But, it just launched, and I’m very proud of it. Here is the World (Internet) Premiere of the NEW video that Tom Cruise AND The Jews didn’t want you to see… Tom Cruise On Tom Cruise, Jew Enjoy, and KJW!!! JK

Wainy Days Short Premieres Today!

Check out the episode I directed of David Wain’s very funny series, Wainy Days. It’s called, “The Sublet,” and you can see it here. The episode stars: David Wain, Alexie Gilmore, Michael Panes, Joe Lo Truglio, and Christina Kirk. Enjoy, JK

The Hebrew Hammer featured in PBS Docu-Series, ‘The Jewish Americans.’

I’m proud that the film is a part of this 3-part documentary mini-series which covers Jews in America starting from New Amsterdam up to today. The Hammer will appear in the final chapter of the documentary, which airs Wednesday the 23rd at 9PM.

Joel Dorn, RIP

My heart goes out to the Dorn family over the loss of their father, Joel Dorn. Joel was an incredible human being; funny, warm, intelligent, talented,…a true mensch and a good friend. The world lost a great man yesterday. Here’s an Obit by my friend and his son Adam Dorn. JK

Wainy Days.

So, I’m currently directing a webisode for the incredibly funny David Wain show, “Wainy Days.“ Check out the show, it’s pretty brilliant. My episode features some incredibly gifted actors alongside David, inclusing: Joe Lo Truglio, Alexie Gilmore, and Michael Panes I’ll keep you posted as to when the ep. will air, but in the meantime,…

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