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Part IV of my ongoing series, "Writing In My Father’s Footsteps" is online now.

You can read it HERE. It will be in print in the May 8, 2009 edition of the Forward.

"Season 3" of my Man-On-The-Street Show In The Video Boxes; Shoulder Dislocated

We got some great stuff for round 3, including me in a great deal of pain. The show officially launches in 2-4 weeks, so stay RSS fed for the announcement…

The P.E.T.I. project featured in a schmancy Spanish Ad Magazine

Just got word from my friends at AgencyRx that the PETI project we worked on made it into a cool brand/ad magazine. I don’t speak espanol bueno. Para, yo quiero un articleo is bueno! Mira, AQUI! PAGINAS OCHO (8) Y NUEVO (9)

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