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Here is a sneak peek of Episode 8 of my show in which I get married! Mazel Tov! JK

Writing In My Father’s Footsteps – Chapter 5 (Final Chapter)


‘On The Streets’ EPISODE 7 – ‘Captain Planet Karaoke’ is live!

I was asked to have random NY’ers sing THE WORST song ever created. Patti Smith sings it, and she WILL BLOW YOUR FUCKING MINDS!!! Also, some Austrian men sang it in German, and I lived… HERE

Episode 6 of ‘On The Streets’ – EARTH MINUTE!

See me defend Gaia from evildoers HERE or HERE!

The Sneak Preview of EPISODE 5 of ‘On The Streets’ is now live!!!

If paunchy, pale flesh, or shoulder dislocations make you squeamish…maybe don’t click HERE or HERE… Enjoy! JK

Episode 4 of ‘On The Streets’ – What’s Your E.Q.?

HERE and HERE Full disclosure: this is my least favorite episode as a lot of the funny was cut out (this was a pilot ep, and the website I work for had my masters). That being said, it’s still enjoyable enough, and next week things kick back into high gear as my shoulder accidentally pops…

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Commercials and the Radio!

Next week, I will be starring in a series of spots for MNN which will air on Comcast* That’s right, I am now a MOVIE STAR. Do not get in my eye line, or I will rip your lights down and then throw my cell phone at your face!!! Additionally, this Monday, I will be…

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