Gander lands at Tubi!

Last year, I was Showrunner for ‘Gander,’ a fact-based sketch comedy show with a rotating cast of international hosts, including:
Lewis Black, Russell Peters, Oscar Nunez, Rachel Dratch, Adam Goldberg, Maz Jobrani, Jay Mohr, Colton Dunn, Kevin McDonald and Scott Thompson, Bonnie McFarlane, Jordan Carlos, John Fugelsang, Jason Byrne, David McSavage, Erica Rhodes, and many, many more incredibly funny people.
The show was written by five-time Emmy winner Rob Kutner, and was shot in Dublin, LA, NY, and London. The topics we took head on were: Food Delivery Services, The Cult of Work, Planned Obsolescence, Symbols, The Exploitation of Death, and Modern Romance.
If you like facts, and/or you love to laugh, then this show is for you. Gander can be seen for FREE on Tubi, the biggest AVOD platform in North America. (It’s basically Netflix, but free, and with ads).
I’m really proud of the show, and the work everyone involved with it put in to bring this to life.
The entire six episode run can be found here:

Watch the entire six episode season one, on Tubi for free!

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