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Did Tony Soprano Die!?

So, I don’t tend to use these posts for personal anecdotes, but I just got back from an amazing WGA Rally at Washington Square Park and I wanted to share a story. As I was eating up the words of John Edwards (apparently, the next President of the United States) and others, a friend pointed…

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Jewxploitation Lives!

As the Godfather of the Jewxploitation film, I am proud to report… Jewsploitation (sic) Is Burgeoning Eisenberg, Bartha in the ‘Holy’ land

Cinematical Interview

The Write Stuff

The WMC goes to Wall Street – sorta…

So, I was out on Wall Street picketing and handing out fliers…and apparently, I because of my rugged union good looks… Mostly supportive folks at the exchange. One nice man told me I should go into motivational speaking for corporations as that is where the money was, and then gave me a 15 minute lesson…

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Interview With The Yale Herald

Here is an interview I did with the Yale Herald in regards to the ongoing WGA strike.

WGA Strike

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