Mordechai Jefferson Carver (AKA The Hebrew Hammer) is the #1 Jewish Character Of All Time!

HERE Shabbat Shalom, Motherfuckers!

New Web Comedy Coming Soon

I just finished production on a series of man on the street comedy pieces for the newly launched Mother Nature Network. We shot some very, very funny stuff this week, and I’m looking forward to going into the edit bay…so stay RSS fed and I’ll let you know when they go online.

The Hebrew Hammer is #2 on Wired Magazine’s Top 10 Unconventional Holiday Movies


My First Literary Criticism!

Being a Profound Critical Analysis of Contemporary Jewish Comedic Literature

New News From The WMC. The End Of The World, Philosophy, and LA!!!

I’m off to LA for a quick 3 day trip to participate in a roundtable my good friend Brad Riddell is hosting. Looking forward to it. In other new news, I’ve been locked away in my apartment finishing up the first draft of my new spec, “THE END OF THE WORLD.” VERY excited about taking…

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The WMC invades Cape Cod, Los Angeles

Alright, no invasions…just wanted a catchy title. I’m in Cape Cod working on a new spec screenplay. In the meantime, I’ll be in LA next week pitching a new television show with the brilliant Kevin McDonald and Dave Foley. Lastly, I just finished a series of commercial spots I directed that will launch sometime in…

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A New Humor Piece for 23/6 and HuffPo

Check out my new humor piece HERE

The WMC Sells Out!

Actually, not really, but it was a catchy title! I’m currently working with Agency RX as a consultant for some soon to be seen (Late July or August) VERY FUNNY viral spots. Stay Tuned…Or RSS Fed. JK

Nerve votes ‘The Hebrew Hammer’ one of the Top 12 Tough Jews Of Cinema

The selection list was incredibly long. Check it out HERE.Apparently we beat out ‘Yentl’ by a hair (or a nose…?).I’ve always wanted to clarify something. And before I do, yes, I’m a tad bit, what’s the word I’m looking for… neurotic? Okay, so in the Skinhead Bar scene in which the Hammer yells out his…

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‘Wainy Days’ wins Webby Award for Best Comedy Series On The Internet!

I am proud to have been able to direct an episode of this incredibly fun and funny series! A big thank you and congratulations to David Wain and Jon Stern!

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