"Season 3" of my Man-On-The-Street Show In The Video Boxes; Shoulder Dislocated

We got some great stuff for round 3, including me in a great deal of pain. The show officially launches in 2-4 weeks, so stay RSS fed for the announcement…

The P.E.T.I. project featured in a schmancy Spanish Ad Magazine

Just got word from my friends at AgencyRx that the PETI project we worked on made it into a cool brand/ad magazine. I don’t speak espanol bueno. Para, yo quiero un articleo is bueno! Mira, AQUI! PAGINAS OCHO (8) Y NUEVO (9)

Writing In My Father’s Foorsteps – Chapter 3

Here is the latest installment in my onging series about my father.

Yes, I Will Be Directing The Remake Of ‘The Party’

Very excited about this project and the elements we’re lining up. I know there is a lot of love for this movie…so, dear blogospheric people, know this… It’s in good hands. I put my heart and soul into everything I do, and I WILL make a great update of the film. As elements/cast become locked…

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Round 3 Of My Web Show shooting in 2 weeks!

I will be back in NYC early April to terrorize more NY’ers. The official launch of the web series on will be happening soon. Stay rss’d for more details…the WMC has got some really funny stuff for you. JK

‘Writing In My Father’s Footsteps’ – Chapter 2

Read it HERE

Second "Season" of MNN.Com Man On The Street…

I will be on the streets of NY once again terorrizing innocent people next week as has picked up my Man-On-The-Street show. I’ll keep you posted as to when they’ll start airing the first batch. JK

Black Christmas: An Investigative Report

Help save the motherfu**ing trees

I Will Be Launching A New Short Film On Tuesday…

To coincide with International Holocaust Memorial Day. Please watch. There are still horrors being committed, and I need help raising awareness for another Genocide that people aren’t aware of. Come back Tuesday for the film. Best, JK

Chapter 1 Of A Multi-Part Series About My Father

My father was one of 200 North Americans who volunteered to fight in the Israeli War For Independence. I’ve been interviewing some of the most selfless people, and hearing stories that leave me breathless. This is part 1 of a monthly series… HERE

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