Happy Chanajewukah Day 2 to all!

And to all a good night.

Did Tony Soprano Die!?

So, I don’t tend to use these posts for personal anecdotes, but I just got back from an amazing WGA Rally at Washington Square Park and I wanted to share a story. As I was eating up the words of John Edwards (apparently, the next President of the United States) and others, a friend pointed…

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Jewxploitation Lives!

As the Godfather of the Jewxploitation film, I am proud to report… Jewsploitation (sic) Is Burgeoning Eisenberg, Bartha in the ‘Holy’ land

Cinematical Interview

The Write Stuff

The WMC goes to Wall Street – sorta…

So, I was out on Wall Street picketing and handing out fliers…and apparently, I because of my rugged union good looks… Mostly supportive folks at the exchange. One nice man told me I should go into motivational speaking for corporations as that is where the money was, and then gave me a 15 minute lesson…

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Interview With The Yale Herald

Here is an interview I did with the Yale Herald in regards to the ongoing WGA strike.

WGA Strike

Martin Landau to play Abe Gilman!

On Friday evening, I got some truly amazing news.  The Academy Award winning actor, Martin Landau, is coming on board to play the lead in Abe Gilman’s ending. I am incredibly proud of this project, and equally thrilled to get the opportunity to work with both Elliott Gould and Martin. In my opinion, these are…

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The WMC Teams Up With Avalon TV

I will be taking my new TV show pitch out with Avalon Television, the company behind one of my latest comedy obsessions, Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace.  I just arrived back in the NYC last night, but wil be heading to LA to go to Networks in about two weeks or so. I also want to thank…

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Elliott Gould to star in ‘Abe Gilman’s Ending!’

Great news at the WMC yesterday. Elliott Gould came on board to play Sam Hersh in ‘Abe Gilman’s Ending!’ Words can’t begin to describe how thrilled I am to get to work with the man… JK

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