New News From The WMC. The End Of The World, Philosophy, and LA!!!

I’m off to LA for a quick 3 day trip to participate in a roundtable my good friend Brad Riddell is hosting. Looking forward to it.

In other new news, I’ve been locked away in my apartment finishing up the first draft of my new spec, “THE END OF THE WORLD.” VERY excited about taking it out very soon…

Additionally, I have hathe honor and pleasure of working with the brilliant David Bromberg(‘Dedication). I will be directing his next film, entitled ‘Philosophy,’ and it is one of the most unique, funny, and smart scripts I’ve read in I can’t remember how long.

More posts on the status of these new projects (about to go to market) coming soon…

Lastly, the spots I worked on for AgencyRx should launch in a month or two. They’re in the process of building the website behind the campaign, and the I’m very proud of the spots. Some very, very funny stuff. A thank you to all the cast and crew who helped us make something special. 

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