The WMC is working on a new TeeVee show …

Josh Cooke and I have partnered with Entertainment One Television for a new TV program. Can’t tell you more about it yet. So, shhhh? 

Commercial Conspiracy Update

I am proud to announce two of my latest conspiracies:  1) We are in the process of making the opening jumbotron film for this years Mr. Olympia Event in Las Vegas, NV2) The WMC has partnered with Red Mango and working on some fun stuff coming to the Interwebs near you. JK  

Sexy Daddy – The Uncircumcised Cut 

WARNING: NOT SAFE FOR WORK, NOT SAFE FOR CHILDREN, & ESPECIALLY NOT SAFE FOR THE EASILY OFFENDED. SEXY DADDY – THE UNCIRCUMCISED VERSION As promised, here is the 6 minute short film the way Nature, Kevin, Dave, and I intended. God was firmly against the intention, but ultimately lost out 4-1.   If you’ve ever been curious about…

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Sexy Daddy Premiere Date!

I am thrilled to announce that May 18th will be the premiere date for Sexy Daddy on The short film was written by Kevin McDonald and Dave Foley of The Kids In The Hall and stars Dave Foley, Rob Benedict, and Alexie Gilmore.

M&F Episode 3 is live

The Avengers Premiere in NYC 

Nice write up in The Portland Daily Sun

Here. There are a couple inaccuracies, but a very nice article.

Sexy Daddy Cast Update

Kevin McDonald can’t play Sexy Daddy, so Dave Foley will be stepping in to fill the role. Stay RSSfed …

The Denver Film Society event I’m speaking at has been announced. If you’re in the Denver area, come on down!

March 28, 2012

Radar Magazine likes the Workout Stick!

Getting some love for this bit I directed starring Terry Crews.

M&F Live Episode 1 is … live!

Thanks to Shawn Perine, Mark Hubatsek, Brent Ferguson, Mike Mezzina, Greg Califano, Jake Magher, Martha Tuber, Terry Crews, Tony Little, and the good peoples at Muscle & Fitness and American Media Inc.M&F Live – Episode 1

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