Montreal Just For Laughs

So, looking forward to this weekend.

Tmw I’m seeing one of my all-time favorite bands, Crowded House, play. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking…”1982 called, and they want their band back…” but I truly think Neil Finn is one of the greatest songwriters around, and I love the man’s music.

On Friday, I’m going up to Montreal (1st time) for the ‘Just For Laughs Festival’ to see my friend, the brilliant Kevin McDonald,  perform  with the ‘Kids In The Hall,’ and then he’s doing his one man show on Saturday. I’ve heard incredible things about it (and not just from him), and I can’t wait to see him shine. Kevin is one of the funniest, nicest people on the planet. And as I type this, I feel like I’m in ‘The Manchurian Candidate.’ But it’s true…I swear!

I’m currently blogging from bed, killing time navel blogging. I even took a pic of me navel-bed-blogging because I’m a  narcissistic insomniac (see below). I did the best I could to cover up the hairy vagina on my chest.

Wow, this blog thing can get a bit out of hand, right? What else…went up to Blue sky/Fox Animation today and had a great development meeting on the movie I’m writing for them. It’s going to be a wild, funny film, and I’m really excited about it.

Also, we have an investor who’s supposedly interested in HH2…so, if you’re a Hammer fan, pls send out good Hammer vibes (sorry Odd Todd, I’m stealing your lingo) into the ether. The second HH is 18 (a chai) times better than the first…and in fact, if you want to read an excerpt from the film, go to the articles and blogs section of the website, click on the Suicide Girls logo at the top, and read the two scenes I posted a little while ago.

That’s it for now. If I don’t talk to you —  you being the three people who probably read random blogs — before the weekend, I’ll report from MJFL. If nothing exciting happens, I’ll make something up…

Hope you’re healthy, happy, and having a good night.


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