Director’s Reel

Jonathan Kesselman’s Reel (2020)


Shopped (2022) Director: Jonathan Kesselman Written by: Sarah Gordon Stars: Dan Godon, Rosie Barry Client: BBC

Lady Shorts (BBC Four Part Series)

Lady Shorts (2022) Four shorts films made for the BBC. Shopped Fresh The Catholic Matchmakers Bureau Sorta Stepmum Director: Jonathan Kesselman Written by: Sarah Gordon, Emma Moran, Susannah McKenna, Diona Doherty (BBC Writersroom) Stars: Dan Gordon, Rosie Barry, Leah Hamilton, Mary O’loan, Antionette Morelli, Emma Little Lawless, Abbie McCann, Helena Breen, Keith Lynch, Mark Asante, Catherine Rees,…

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Sexy Daddy

Sexy Daddy (2012) If you’re having sex, think wholesome thoughts. Commissioned as a Funny Or Die exclusive.   Director: Jonathan Kesselman Written by: Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald Stars: Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Rob Benedict Client: Funny Or Die


Captcha (2020) Captcha does what it does best in this sketch starring John Morton and Sharon Mannion. Director/Producer: Jonathan Kesselman Written by: Brendan Clifford Starring: Sharon Mannion and John Morton

Alexa – Always Listening

Alexa – Always Listening (2020) Alexa gives domestic advice. Director/Producer: Jonathan Kesselman Written by: David McSavage Starring: David McSavage and Erin McGathy

Thoughts And Prayers

Thoughts & Prayers (2020) Was your child senselessly murdered in a school shooting? Not to worry – Thoughts & Prayers are on the way! A sketch starring Paul Tylak and Tara Flynn. Director/Producer: Jonathan Kesselman Written by: Jason Eaton Starring: Paul Tylak and Tara Flynn

Realistic Black Mirror

Realistic Black Mirror (2016) Incompatible power cords. Nonstop software upgrades. Forgetting your f$*%ing password – again! These are but a few of the high-tech dystopic nightmares humanity is *actually* in store for in this parody of the popular BBC/Netflix series BLACK MIRROR. Commissioned as a Funny Or Die exclusive.   Director: Jonathan Kesselman Written By: Rob Kutner…

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Arts and Crafts

Arts & Crafts (2010) Rob is introduced to his friend Josh’s Arts and Crafts ability. A Funny Or Die exclusive.   Director: Jonathan Kesselman Written by: Jacob Fleisher Stars: Josh Cooke, Rob Benedict


Casie (2017) Music video for the Dublin-based band, ‘The Love Tailors’   Director: Jonathan Kesselman Director of Photography: Richard Donnelly Editor: Mike Mezzina  

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