Director’s Reel

Jonathan Kesselman’s Reel (2020)

The Center For Countering Digital Hate: “Digital Babysitter”

Digital Babysitter (The Center For Countering Digital Hate) (2024) PSA’s and Radio Spots 1:00, :30, :15 spots directed co-written, directed and edited for The Center For Countering Digital Hate. Director/Editor/Co-Writer: Jonathan Kesselman Client: The Center For Countering Digital Hate Production Company: Cinnabar Pictures

For Better Chats : Renault

For Better Chats (Renault) (2019) Five :07-:10 spots directed for Publicis / Renault. Director: Jonathan Kesselman Client: Renault Agency: Publicis

Summer : Irish Rail

Summer (Irish Rail) (2015) Three :20 spots directed for Publicis / Irish Rail. Director: Jonathan Kesselman Client: Irish Rail Agency: Publicis

The Bitter Bean

Bitter Bean : Red Mango

The Bitter Bean – Red Mango (2014) “Heat Can Make Coffee Beans Bitter” – that’s the central premise in a new campaign created by The EGC Group for Red Mango Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee.   Director: Jonathan Kesselman Client: Red Mango Agency: The EGC Group

Harley Davidson Virtual Trade Show – RK Stratman

RK Stratman HD Virtual Trade Show   (2020) Ten minute film for Harley Davidson’s biggest supplier of merchandise. Director/Producer/Editor: Jonathan Kesselman Client: RK Stratman

Corporate Editing Reel

Corporate Editing Reel (2022)


Quickpoint  Training Videos for the Quickpoint web application Editor: Jonathan Kesselman Client: Quickpoint

AgencyRX : Injustice in Advertising

Injustice in Advertising (2011) PETI – People For the Ethical Treatment of Ideas: The soulless world of pharmaceutical advertising: EXPOSED! Director: Jonathan Kesselman Client: AgencyRX

AgencyRX : Conceptual Cruelty

Conceptual Cruelty: The Untold Story (2011) PETI – People For the Ethical Treatment of Ideas: Abuse, Humiliation, MURDER! These are the atrocities perpetrated against Ideas in the global advertising agency, AgencyRX. 2009 MedAd News Awards ‘Best Campaign Videos’   Director: Jonathan Kesselman Client: AgencyRX

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