Jimmy Vestvood wins the Comedy Vanguard award at the Austin Film Festival!

A huge congratulations to the entire cast and crew!
Just got back from Austin, Texas. What an amazing weekend for the film. Jimmy Vestvood won the Comedy Vanguard, and many of the cast (and some crew) came out for the weekend. I also just learned that AFF is having an encore screening of the film tmw night (10/30). Not bad for the world premiere. We also got two great reviews in Austin:

Austin 360

Fans of the Zucker Brothers will find a lot to enjoy here as it recalls the humor of “The Naked Gun” films combined with a touch of “Borat.” We get a lovingly inept hero and a bunch of fast and furious gags that are often gleefully offensive. Jobrani is legitimately funny here, specializing in outrageous slapstick. The satire is well-balanced and, more often than not, the jokes go over like gangbusters. With its humorous cultural lens, this movie should be a career-changing moment for Jobrani.”

Austin Chronicle

Jimmy Vestvood: Amerikan Hero is a total hoot … Maz Jobrani’s clowning is a salve for our troubling times.”

Here are some pics from the premiere:

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