Director’s Reel

Jonathan Kesselman’s Reel (2020)


Gander (2020) A fact-based sketch comedy show in which a rotating cast of comedians and actors tackle a pop culture or political topic through monologues, sketches, and animated sequences. Gander upends the “comic host at a desk” approach to topical comedy by pushing the envelope harder with sketches, animation, and FX bits full of raunch and wrongness…

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Lady Shorts (BBC Four Part Series)

Lady Shorts (2022) Four shorts films made for the BBC. Shopped Fresh The Catholic Matchmakers Bureau Sorta Stepmum Director: Jonathan Kesselman Written by: Sarah Gordon, Emma Moran, Susannah McKenna, Diona Doherty (BBC Writersroom) Stars: Dan Gordon, Rosie Barry, Leah Hamilton, Mary O’loan, Antionette Morelli, Emma Little Lawless, Abbie McCann, Helena Breen, Keith Lynch, Mark Asante, Catherine Rees,…

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Grow (2012) A 1/2 hour dark comedy set in Los Angeles’ medical marijuana scene. Grow is like ‘Cheers‘ at a hash bar, except here no one remembers your name. With: Fran Kranz, Jamie Hector, Adam Busch, Ashley Bell, and Dale Dickey. Producer/Director: Jonathan Kesselman

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